The love of a lost home

A passion for selling property is one thing, but a true love for houses and its content is another thing altogether. This is exactly why Sophie Joubert rises above the rest!

Top estate agent Sophie Joubert and her partner, Dr Brian Finkelstein, came up with a great initiative to pay tribute to the families who lost their homes and possessions during the Brenton-on-Sea fires on June 2017.

White crosses were planted, each beside an Aloe, on the sidewalk of Sophie’s property.

This display can be seen on the corner of CR Swart Drive in Brenton. Each cross indicates the street name and number together with the surname of the family whose home was destroyed.

Reaction to this gesture was widespread and welcomed by most. Even though most responses were positive, some frowns were noted. But Sophie is her own person that does not allow negativity to get the better of her.

With time the crosses will be removed, according to Sophie, but the Aloes will stay!

If you are in the Knysna area, you can visit this unique garden of remembrance to pay respect towards those who lost everything.

You can contact Sophie directly on 082 572 2729.