The changing image of Estate Agents

The South African Real Estate industry has now arrived at a position where most business dealings with its members are far more pleasant and efficient than they were previously and were it is able to attract highly competent employees and entrepreneurs.

The chief reason for the huge improvement now discernible throughout the estate agency world, has been the insistence that all agents must now be qualified.

They have to achieve the NQF4 education levels, whilst principals must pass the NQF5 examinations.

These lengthy, comprehensive study and mentoring courses have ensured that every agent “out there” is genuinely able to work on behalf of his or her clients.
The old salesmanship/gift of the gab talents which in previous areas were thought to be all that an agent needed now take second place to professionalism and knowledge of the facts.

Clients have become aware of this change and are beginning to express their appreciation.

Also contributing to the improved atmosphere in the real estate sector, has been the growing expertise of the clients themselves.

Clients who now approach agents have done considerable preliminary investigation, which means they are far better informed and equipped to make the right decisions, which in turn make the agent’s life a great deal easier than it was formerly.

The client’s growing expertise, can in part be attributed to their increasing familiarity with information technology search engines and the fact that the estate agencies themselves now use IT as a primary marketing tool.

This in turn has shortened the whole property hunt experience, as now properties not suitable can be eliminated on-line, without having to travel to them and see them first hand, and by the same measure, properties that have appeal to clients, can be shortlisted and similarly, be scheduled for viewing at a later stage.

Agents active within the South African Property market at this time currently number about 25000, where the figure was previously 90000 at the height of the property boom.

In general the greatly improved image of property marketers has resulted in estate agency careers being more attractive to bright well qualified entrepreneurs.

The present property market and new Government requirements have assisted in changing the image of Estate Agents forever.