World Science Day for Peace and Development

Established by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2001, the World Science Day for Peace and Development (WSDPD) is celebrated on 10 November each year.

The purpose of the World Science Day for Peace and Development is to renew the national, as well as the international commitment to science for peace and development and to stress the responsible use of science for the benefit of society. The World Science Day for Peace and Development also aims at raising public awareness of the importance of science and to bridge the gap between science and societies.

The WSDPD’s objectives are :

  • To strengthen public awareness on the role of science for peaceful and sustainable societies
  • To promote national and international solidarity for a shared science between countries
  • To renew national and international commitment for the use of science for the benefit of societies
  • To draw attention to the challenges faced by science and raise support for the scientific endeavour

World environment day 2018

South Africa provides the right to every person for a non-harmful environment.

This year Miss Earth South Africa, Tsogo Sun and other parties are recommitting their focus and work on the importance of the campaign #WasteStopsWithME.

Plastic are a problem which are attracking the most concerns today. In light of the staggering statistics, people are relooking at plastic use. Around the world, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, while up to 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide every year. In total, half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once — and then thrown away.

The Miss Earth South Africa Leadership programme are focusing on the individual responsibility and role that is played by citizens, their plastic consumption, and creating awareness of the long term effects that these have on the environment, our oceans, water bodies and marine life.

Miss Earth South Africa and Tsogo Sun are taking a strong stance against #BeatPlasticPollution.

For more information, you can read the fill article here.