Film briefing

Opportunities for Businesses before and during the Film Festival

The Director for the Festival Patrick Walton would like to brief you on potential opportunities for businesses for supply & marketing during the build-up and the festival which takes place from 29nd October till 2nd November 2019

Opportunities for Businesses in the Garden Route Film Industry

Briefing on how to market and become a supplier for filming opportunities in the Garden Route. Estimated spend by production on various supply needs from Accommodation, vehicles, unit equipment, medical etc. is around ½-2 million per production. Presented by the Garden Route film office.

When: Friday 25th January 2019
Time: 11:00am to 12:30
Where: Knysna Tourism Office 

Keagon 044 382 5510

Knysna Bull

Head out into the forest on your solo mission! For the Pros, the Bull provides a unique opportunity to test form over a multiday stage race, without being affected by riding in a team.

Dates: Evening Lagoon Prologue 3 Forest Trail Stages 20-23 February 2019 (Wed to Sat)
Venue: Starts at the Knysna Waterfront
Times: Wednesday, 20 February, 16h00 – 21h00 Registration
Races start at 08:00

Family foundation Training

Please RSVP

FAMSA is planning an event on Personal Growth, active listening and various other courses for the whole family.

The training is starting on 11 February 2019 until 13 June 2019 and is held at 21 Spring Street, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.

Sessions start at 8h30am.

Should you be interested in attending the training, please RSVP on the FAMSA Facebook Page.