Sandboarding is a fun sport activity run by Dune Adventures in Knysna who have daily guided tours to experience the thrill of sandboarding.

The trip is well suited for families, beginners and seasoned snowboarders. Sandboarding is much like snowboarding where a board is strapped to your feet and the rider is able to turn, carve and stop themselves as they ride down the sand dune. Snowboarders will feel at home on sand and will get a kick out of boarding in shorts in the sun.

It is possible to sit down on the boards which makes it easier for children as young as 3 and a half years to join in on the action. The oldest rider so far has been 76. You will be accompanied by trained guides who will instruct you on what to do at the dune.

Sandboarding involves walking up the dune and riding down. With no lifts on the dune you will find our dune is high enough and surprisingly easy to turn in the soft good quality sand which is forgiving when you fall.

The dune is in a special location with great scenery. Non boarders are welcome to come along where there is a comfortable semi sheltered spot to enjoy and photograph the activities and adventure.

It is a perfect thing to do in Brenton-on-Sea on hot, cold or windy days. All you need to bring is shoes, water, a hat and sunscreen to enjoy the day out.

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