Robinson Pass

The Montagu Pass, built in 1848 made crossing the Outeniqua Mountains a relatively easy task.

However, the Montagu Pass was on the other side of George and the people of Mossel Bay became fidgety in their demands for a pass over the mountains of their own.

After some failed attempts to build a pass along the lines of the Ruytersbosch Pad, the people of Mossel Bay threw in the towel.

Along came Thomas Bain, sent by the colonial government after he had completed the Prince Alfred’s Pass near Knysna. He extended the route taken by the locals and joined up with the Attaquas Kloof road.

Opened in 1869, it was reconstructed and surfaced between 1958 and 1963. The wide road and gentle curves take some beauty away from the pass, which means that it is not as scenic as some of the others in the extended area, but it is nevertheless still a wonderful pass well worth the time to drive. It has some enchanting scenery, with the pine forests lining the hills and mountainsides.

Robinson Pass forms a part of a number of routes one may undertake to experience the true beauty of the Cape Mountain Passes.

From Mossel Bay, travel over the Robinson Pass into Oudsthoorn, then through Schoemanspoort and over the magnificent Swartberg Pass. You can have lunch at the quaint Prince Albert village, and return over the Kredouw Pass. Take your time through what has to be one of the Cape’s most beautiful natural sights, Meiringspoort and continue over the Outeniqua Pass.

This wonderfully modern pass offers the traveller ample opportunity to stop and get lost in the awesome splendour of the Outeniqua Mountains.

Head over the Potjiesberg Pass. The road towards the rustic town old town, Uniondale, is straight and bordered by a stretch of mountains delivering panorama that is hard to surpass. Stop for a bite in Uniondale and then spend some quality time in the Uniondale Poort, thereafter swerve off towards the 7 Passes Road between George and Knysna.

The choices are wide and varied, but beautiful and awe inspiring whichever the route one chooses.