Knysna – The Town

Knysna, probably from a Khoikhoi word meaning “ferns”, is a town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is part of the Garden Route. It lies 34 degrees south of the equator, and is 72 kilometres east from the town of George on the N2 highway, and 25 kilometres west of Plettenberg Bay on the same road.

Little is known about the indigenous inhabitants of Knysna, the Khoikhoi. The area east of present-day George was separated by high mountains and deep gorges, making it almost inaccessible to European travellers.

The town is first and foremost built on the northern shore of a large warm-water estuary, known as the Knysna Lagoon, which is fed by the Knysna River. The estuary opens to the ocean after passing between two large headlands. These are generally known as “The Heads”, and have become notorious due to the loss of boats and fishermen passing through their perfidious and unpredictable waters. The Paquita, a German vessel, sank on the eastern side of the Knysna Heads in 1903. Near them are geological formations, known locally as “The Map Stones”. To the north of Knysna, Afro-Montane or temperate rainforest covers the hilly terrain for 20 km until changing to fynbos or macchia high in the Outeniqua Mountains.

Knysna has an oceanic climate. Summers are hot and winters mild to chilly. During the summer, the average maximum temperature reaches about 25°C and rarely goes above 30°C. The average maximum temperature during the winter months ranges in the area of 16°C to 17°C. Knysna has one of the richest rainfall percentages in South Africa with the wettest time of year being between June and August. Knysna stays green in all seasons, and its temperate climate makes it a tourist destination all year round.


Brenton is a small town just outside of Knysna. Right on the border of the ocean another town was established named Brenton-on-Sea.

Brenton-on-Sea offers its residents some of the most beautiful sunsets and ocean views on this part of the Southern Coast.

Breton-on-Sea is an ever expanding coastal town and offers multiple houses and open land to purchase.

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