Knysna Provincial Hospital

When buying property, a potential resident always needs to know the basics about the town.

In case of an emergency, the residents need help urgently. Whether it is calling an ambulance, armed response, the police or even driving to a hospital.

Brenton-on-Sea is a small town in the Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa. One of the closest towns is Knysna.

Knysna, which forms part of the Eden Municipality District, is a booming town with a population of over 50 000.

The Knysna Provincial Hospital is located on Main Road is a mere 20 minute drive from Brenton-on-Sea.

The GPS co-ordinates for the Knysna Provincial Hospital is -34.036816, 23.058643

The hospital’s contact number is +27 44 302 8400. Remember to call the hospital to have them waiting for you at the entrance.