Why involve an Agent???

Ships don’t sail themselves and and a well-oiled organisation with all the right tools in place is undoubtedly going to help sellers get their property sold. When agents cut commission, the impact is felt throughout the company.

Remember that behind every agent is a very experienced team – a good agent will have it all in place.

A great agent will be backed by principal (in some cases the Great Agent IS the principal), a well proven marketing strategy, website presence, administration team, and legal team.

Negotiating commission should not be the only aspect of an agent’s job, but it is a given that for effective work, reward should follow. If the marketing strategy was effective, the sale will follow and so on.

Not all agents are able to apply their skills in negotiating with the buyer to the seller in the situation where the seller forces them to negotiate for their commission.

It is clear that sellers want to know exactly what they are getting for their money, and that is why, in the case of Sophie’s Properties, in Brenton, Sophie tries to work only with Exclusive Mandates, and offers an until now almost unheard of Service Guarantee to back up her service.

Clearly thinking ahead, can mean the difference between unneccessary confusion and regret later on in the agent/seller relationship.

Be Aware!

Daily Update – Kiani Satu

The ongoing saga of grounded German Cargo Ship Kiani Satu is still making headlines in local papers and around the world – In Knysna although the initial buzz has worn off a bit, and everyone is just ‘getting down to business’ the NSRI are still very busy making things happen to ensure a good result for all. We continue to wish them well in their attempts to refloat the ship……

Kiani Satu – Movin’ Out!

The cargo carrier Kiani Satu was successfully (hooray) refloated and towed out to sea over the weekend. A phenomenal effort on the part of more than 300 people enabled the stranded vessel to be dragged from the banks of the Goukamma nature reserve!

Our thanks go out to everyone involved for helping to avoid what could have been an astronomical disaster. Especially since we have such sensitive environments in the area. Well done to all involved!!

Good news – Kiani Satu Update

It seems that there is good news all around with lovely sunny weather coming in, and less wind and waves…. the oil has stopped leaking out of the cargo ship and things are developing and will hopefully come a good conclusion…..