Property better investment than money market

According to the Southern Cape Property Guide of Week ending Thursday 30 August 2012, the following is applicable:


The South African Reserve Bank’s decision to reduce its repo rate by a further 0,5% will speed up the movement of capital from the money market – and cause investors to look harder for better returns elsewhere. This being the case, the logic of investing in property needs once more to be emphasised.

The simplest and easiest way to do this, is to invest in a JSE listed property fund. In 2011 these funds outperformed bonds, cash and other equities and are again doing so in 2012, despite the difficulties experienced by tenants. In 2011, average returns on a listed property were 8,8% and certain of the top performing funds achieved returns of 19% to 24%. Those investors wanting a more hands-on and potentially more profitable investment should consider investing either alone or with partners in commercial property.

The Great “Spring Clean”!!

There are few rites of spring more satisfying than the annual clean. For many people, however, the pleasure comes only after the work is finished. Your spring cleaning may never become effortless, but you can make the project more manageable — and even enjoyable. This printable checklist offers an overview of everything you need to know — including information on cleansers, stain removal, fabric care, and storage — to zip through the process and arrive at a happy end.

After you read through the tips and techniques, tailor the list to your home and yard. Create a realistic schedule, keeping in mind that a single weekend won’t suffice, as you’ll need several days for more involved projects, such as shampooing carpets and organizing closets. Whether you prefer to proceed from the attic to the basement or start outdoors and wind your way inside, focus on one task at a time. And be sure to enlist the help of family members.

The information on this checklist was excerpted from “Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook” (Clarkson Potter/Publishers; 2006).

Spring garden project – going green

Everywhere people are suddenly enjoying the unexpectedly early summer sun….. take a bit of time to recycle some tyres from your local tyre shop and make some unusual things for your garden. We like so many of these projects we are going to try a whole lot! MILES OF SMILES…

Spring is in the air and it feels AWESOME

Oh! We do like that word: …. ‘awesome’ seems to say it all. The weather patterns have changed, and suddenly life is no longer dull and gloomy. Happy Spring Everyone! To help you celebrate we have got some Spring Cleaning Tips – Hooray – Now don’t all yell at the same time!!! Re-evaluate your life and your space – Here’s how…

STOP Seismic exploration Plett 2 Mosselbay

“SOUTHERN CAPE NEWS – OK Energy has invited stakeholders and interested parties to a stakeholder engagement meeting as part of the Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) process. Major towns closest to the exploration Area include (from East to West) Knysna, Sedgefield, Pacaltsdorp, Groot Brak, Hartenbos, and Mossel Bay. The Goukamma Marine Protected Area is located within the exploration area. The protected area extends for approximately 14km from Buffel’s Bay to Platbank along the coastline and stretches about one nautical mile (1.85km) out to sea. Seal Island, a Cape fur seal breeding colony is also located approximately 2km offshore of Mossel Bay harbour, located within the proposed exploration area.” READ MORE HERE…. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS….. SIGN THE PETITION AND PASS THIS ON – YOU CANNOT IGNORE THIS TODAY!! KNYSNA WILL DIE!

The changing image of Estate Agents

The South African Real Estate industry has now arrived at a position where most business dealings with its members are far more pleasant and efficient than they were previously and were it is able to attract highly competent employees and entrepreneurs.

The chief reason for the huge improvement now discernible throughout the estate agency world, has been the insistence that all agents must now be qualified.

They have to achieve the NQF4 education levels, whilst principals must pass the NQF5 examinations.

These lengthy, comprehensive study and mentoring courses have ensured that every agent “out there” is genuinely able to work on behalf of his or her clients.
The old salesmanship/gift of the gab talents which in previous areas were thought to be all that an agent needed now take second place to professionalism and knowledge of the facts.

Clients have become aware of this change and are beginning to express their appreciation.

Also contributing to the improved atmosphere in the real estate sector, has been the growing expertise of the clients themselves.

Clients who now approach agents have done considerable preliminary investigation, which means they are far better informed and equipped to make the right decisions, which in turn make the agent’s life a great deal easier than it was formerly.

The client’s growing expertise, can in part be attributed to their increasing familiarity with information technology search engines and the fact that the estate agencies themselves now use IT as a primary marketing tool.

This in turn has shortened the whole property hunt experience, as now properties not suitable can be eliminated on-line, without having to travel to them and see them first hand, and by the same measure, properties that have appeal to clients, can be shortlisted and similarly, be scheduled for viewing at a later stage.

Agents active within the South African Property market at this time currently number about 25000, where the figure was previously 90000 at the height of the property boom.

In general the greatly improved image of property marketers has resulted in estate agency careers being more attractive to bright well qualified entrepreneurs.

The present property market and new Government requirements have assisted in changing the image of Estate Agents forever.

The love of a lost home

A passion for selling property is one thing, but a true love for houses and its content is another thing altogether. This is exactly why Sophie Joubert rises above the rest!

Top estate agent Sophie Joubert and her partner, Dr Brian Finkelstein, came up with a great initiative to pay tribute to the families who lost their homes and possessions during the Brenton-on-Sea fires on June 2017.

White crosses were planted, each beside an Aloe, on the sidewalk of Sophie’s property.

This display can be seen on the corner of CR Swart Drive in Brenton. Each cross indicates the street name and number together with the surname of the family whose home was destroyed.

Reaction to this gesture was widespread and welcomed by most. Even though most responses were positive, some frowns were noted. But Sophie is her own person that does not allow negativity to get the better of her.

With time the crosses will be removed, according to Sophie, but the Aloes will stay!

If you are in the Knysna area, you can visit this unique garden of remembrance to pay respect towards those who lost everything.

You can contact Sophie directly on 082 572 2729.

So you are selling your house…..

So…. You have decided to sell your house – all very well – but where do you go from here?

Some owners approach selling a house will all the zest and zeal of an entrepreneur with a new business venture, others are laid back, casual, and nonchalant about the way they present their homes to potential buyers.

Eight points need to be emphasized with a home seller – take note …

1) Avoid hanging around the agent when they bring potential buyers to your home.

The best way to sabotage any transaction is to become personally involved. Being emotionally attached to a home is the single most negative influence you can have on any sale. Being available to answer any questions about your home is wonderful, but not whilst the agent is showing the house. Go for coffee, but get out of there and let the agent do their job, that’s why you pay them!

2) Avoid dirt of any kind

Anything not clean, should be out of sight. Make sure dishes are clean, beds are made and the air is fresh and clean.

3) Remove old out of date fixtures.

Before that potential buyers comes around, make sure all the old family heritage, photos, children’s drawings and general paraphernalia is out of sight. That old basin in the bathroom may be a house feature, but the old and ancient broken sofa in the living room is not. If you need to borrow furniture do so, but show your house in the best possible manner.

4) Get rid of wallpaper

Keeping up to date with modern trends, 8 out of 10 buyers do not like wallpaper. Remove it, and paint rooms in neutral colours.

5) Avoid having vast amounts of personal items on view.

How you live in your house, should not be the look you present to sell your house. If possible decorate to sell. It is best to “decorate to sell”.

According to Real Estate Property Guru Trevor Gaw, you have 5 weeks to sell your house from the date it becomes actively listed within the market. The internet has made it very easy for people to shop for houses (and exclude any that do not appeal to them) online. Use this as a tool to create interest in your property.

6) Do not misrepresent your home in advertising or any spoken statements prior to the buyer’s visit.

If the wrong picture is painted in advance the buyer will feel mislead and is highly unlikely to react favorably, even to a home’s good points.

7) Pay attention to kerb appeal

The impression created by the first view of the home is all important. Paint the fence, trim the hedges, cut back sprawling trees or plant a few flowers on the front verge. In short, do whatever is needed to make an initial good impression.

8) De-clutter

Clutter is endemic in some homes, but it has to be admitted that it is not attractive to anyone with anesthetic sensibility. It pays, therefore, to de-clutter. Remove – even sell – as much as you can. This will increase the feeling of spaciousness in the home – which is what the majority of upgraders are looking for the first and foremost.

Happy Selling!!


Why involve an Agent???

Ships don’t sail themselves and and a well-oiled organisation with all the right tools in place is undoubtedly going to help sellers get their property sold. When agents cut commission, the impact is felt throughout the company.

Remember that behind every agent is a very experienced team – a good agent will have it all in place.

A great agent will be backed by principal (in some cases the Great Agent IS the principal), a well proven marketing strategy, website presence, administration team, and legal team.

Negotiating commission should not be the only aspect of an agent’s job, but it is a given that for effective work, reward should follow. If the marketing strategy was effective, the sale will follow and so on.

Not all agents are able to apply their skills in negotiating with the buyer to the seller in the situation where the seller forces them to negotiate for their commission.

It is clear that sellers want to know exactly what they are getting for their money, and that is why, in the case of Sophie’s Properties, in Brenton, Sophie tries to work only with Exclusive Mandates, and offers an until now almost unheard of Service Guarantee to back up her service.

Clearly thinking ahead, can mean the difference between unneccessary confusion and regret later on in the agent/seller relationship.

Be Aware!