Buffalo Bay Trail

To reach the Buffalo Bay Trail you need turn off from the N2 towards Buffalo Bay. This turnoff is in the Goukamma Valley midway between Sedgefield and Knysna – park in the parking lot at the main beach.

As you come closer to Buffalo Bay you will see the Goukamma River to your right on its final approach to the ocean as you pass the Goukamma Nature Reserve. On the hill to your left is the Buffelskop Caravan Park, and to your right the Wild Side. The actual Buffalo Bay Trail starts near the Buffelskop Caravan Park entrance across the road from the Wild Side parking lot.

The trail follows a clockwise loop starting alongside the coast before heading through the dunes to arrive at the beach again. The trail is almost totally sand the first part, from the parking lot to the Wild Side beach, and you could easily get by in sandals or even barefoot. The track is well cleared which make the trail easy to walk for young and old. Clever wood and wire “ladders” have been laid on the slopes to slow erosion of the dunes.

Take a few snacks and plenty of water with you on the hike as there is no water on the trail and it can get very hot in the dunes. A part of the trail is shaded as it passes under milkwood trees and there is a bench where you can catch a rest in the shade. Be careful on the track, as there are low hanging branches on the route.

There is a well-stocked mini supermarket and restaurant at the main beach with a deck overlooking the beach from where you can see spectacular sunsets. You can catch a well deserved break here.

You will arrive at a parking lot, from where you can head back out and up the road that you drove in on – Walker Drive. As you reach the waterfront properties on the Wild Side, choose where you want to make your way down to the water’s edge; you can walk along the road or the beach, your decision will be influenced by the tide and how much sand is available for walking.

As you approach another parking lot; you will notice that the beach stretches ahead of you towards the Goukamma Marine Protected Area. Cross through the parking lot towards the road and you will see the sign at the trailhead. Head up the trail as it curves its way up the back of the dunes until you reach the dirt road at the top of the hill. Turn left towards the cell phone mast, and pass the mast on the left down the hill into the grove of milkwood trees.

The trail finally heads down the dune and spills onto the main beach several hundred meters from the parking lot.

The full distance of the trail is 4,5 kilometres and it is an easy walk with an easy-to-follow path.

If you stand on one of the highest lookout points, you might see Brenton-on-Sea in the distance on a clear, sunny day. Brenton-on-Sea is a small coastal town on the outskirts of Knysna which offers stunning sunsets and beautiful fynbos landscapes. This area is still in development, which means there are lots of open, cleared land areas up for grabs. Would you like to build a home for you and your family here? Then contact Sophie today on 082 572 2729. Sophie is a well respected estate agent in Brenton-on-Sea for more than 10 years. She greets you with a brightening smile and a sparkling personality that puts you at ease from the start – you just know you will enjoy professional service.