About Brenton-on-Sea

Lying on the other side of Knysna’s Western Head, nestled on the shores of the Indian Ocean in a quiet, lazy bay, residents describe Brenton-on-Sea’s splendour as the coast that Knysna doesn’t have, and in reality, Knysna lies on a lagoon, the rough seas making itself heard only at the Heads.

Brenton-on-Sea lies practically enclosed by the Goukamma Nature Reserve, its slopes rich with fynbos, only 500 kilometres from Cape Town and 60 kilometres from the George airport.

The modest community derives its name from the fragile free-flying butterfly, the Brenton blue, occurring only on the south-facing slopes of the coastal fynbos at Brenton-on-Sea. Human interruption in nearby Natures Valley led to the final disappearance of this striking specimen during the 1980s, only to resurface in 1991 in Brenton-on-Sea where the Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve has been declared.

The Brenton blue butterfly, obvious in late October until December, lives within one hectare of asteraceous coastal fynbos and its larvae depend entirely on the lower side of the leaves of Indigofera erecta for their food. Other than catching a glimpse of the butterfly, Brenton-on-Sea’s golden sands are an temptation to sunbathe, fish and stroll along the shores.

The sea cliff tops provide plenty whale and dolphin watching opportunities in season and paragliding is a popular activity for obvious reasons. Brenton on Lake has a pier for launching boats and canoes, and the Knysna forests and the Goukamma Nature Reserve, which includes a 14 kilometre coastline, offer superb walking and hiking occasions.

Properties in Brenton-on-Sea
Ample houses and empty plots are available in Brenton-on-Sea. To buy your next home overlooking the Indian Ocean, give Sophie a call today on 082 572 2729.