A visit to the Touw River Boardwalk

This is a River-side boardwalk of about 80 metres long. This timber structure allows visitors to walk alongside the Touw River for sightseeing and birding.

The Touw River spills into the Atlantic Ocean in the Wilderness region of the Garden Route. Due to the size of the catchment, the river mouth is closed more or less for six months year.

The Touw River is part of a larger system of natural lakes. They include Eilandvlei, Langvlei and Rondevlei, the latter being popular with birdwatchers. Both Rondevlei and Langvlei have bird hides which are open to the public year-round.

The area around the boardwalk is popular for fishing, birding and picnicking. Fish post likely to be caught in the area are Spotted Grunter, bream, kabeljou, mullet and garick.

Birds likely to be encountered are five types of Kingfisher, the Grey Heron, with the first price going to the Knysna Loerie found in and along the edges of the indigenous forest.

When visiting the Touw River and its popular boardwalk you will not be far from several restaurants, bars and shops. Milkwood Village is a sought-after venue and its shops will cater for most of your immediate needs.

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