A stroll at Leentjiesklip

You can walk for miles along Wilderness Beach but as you edge closer to Leentjiesklip you run out of beach sand and you will have to be fit should you want to clamber up along a cliff to make your way towards the Kaaiman’s River mouth.

The easier option would be to take the N2 highway to drive up the Kaaiman’s pass and pull over at Dolphin’s point where there is parking and a thatched boma offering one of the best ocean views available in Africa. This lookout point is popular with whale watchers and it also offers you a unique view of the Wilderness Village below.

But let us first get back to back to the beach, what this story is about in the first place. Leentjiesklip is famous for far more than being a sandy beach with great views. It is popular with fishermen seeking kabeljou, baardman, blacktail and steenbrass. The deeper water associated with the nearby Dolphin’s Point lures the fish inshore bringing them within reach of shore anglers, especially those fishing under the veil of darkness.

But more happens under a veil of darkness at Leentjies, a summer culture you might not even be aware of. The area is also popular sunrise revellers. For early morning fishermen arriving at the beach, it is not uncommon to find a dozen or more night-owls, patiently waiting for the welcoming warmth of the first golden sunrays to crawl across the beach at dawn.

So visit us when next time you come to this place called Wilderness and go see for yourself this secluded patch of sand and its beautiful rock formations. If you don’t see a whale this time round then surely there will be at least a red beaked oyster catcher to delight you. But join us you must. We have many more interesting places of interest we would like to show you next time you visit Wilderness.

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